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Lot-Midi-Pyrénées - Holiday Homes and Apartments

The Pyrenees massif, which separates France and Spain, stretches over 450 km, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, with summits reaching up to 3000 m in altitude. The beauty of the mountains and valleys criss-crossed by walking trails, attract thousands of holidaymakers every year. The numerous water courses and lakes make this region ideal for water sports. Winter sports resorts have been developed on higher grounds in the region.

Villa Cocoon
Holiday Home Villa Cocoon
USD 968per week
Les Hameaux de Pomette (CZL410)
Holiday Home Les Hameaux de Pomette (CZL410)
USD 237per week
Le Causse du Cluzel (PCQ100)
Holiday Home Le Causse du Cluzel (PCQ100)
USD 920per week
Souillac Golf Country Club
Holiday Home Souillac Golf Country Club
USD 986per week
Pech Gaillard
Holiday Home Pech Gaillard
USD 577per week
Les Chenes
Holiday Home Les Chenes
USD 551per week
Le Champ du Lac
Holiday Home Le Champ du Lac
USD 525per week
Holiday Home Lavit
USD 1824per week
Holiday Home Lapeyriere
USD 783per week
Le Pigeonnier
Holiday Home Le Pigeonnier
USD 351per week
La Grange
Holiday Home La Grange
USD 549per week
Le Domaine de Claire Rive (PYC402)
Holiday Apartment Le Domaine de Claire Rive (PYC402)
USD 229per week
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