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Allgau - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Allgau is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Bavaria and a destination with many sporting and leisure activities all year round. Allgau is situated in the south west of Bavaria with the Alps on its doorstep. Also, the varied countryside from high mountains down to the banks of Lake Constance means that all tourists can enjoy holidays in Allgau. The history and architecture of grand castles bring visitors back to a time when the nobility enjoyed a life we can only dream of.

Maierhöfen (MFN102)
Holiday Home Maierhöfen (MFN102)
USD 698per week
Maierhöfen (MFN103)
Holiday Home Maierhöfen (MFN103)
USD 0per week
Holiday Apartment Fellhornstrasse
USD 677per week
Holiday Apartment Panorama
USD 817per week
Imberger Horn
Holiday Apartment Imberger Horn
USD 0per week
Holiday Home Martin
USD 503per week
Holiday Apartment Buck
USD 458per week
St. Eustachius (LTK100)
Holiday Home St. Eustachius (LTK100)
USD 976per week
Oberallgäu (MIW104)
Holiday Apartment Oberallgäu (MIW104)
USD 815per week
Holiday Home Fischer
USD 887per week
Jägerhiesle (ODF150)
Holiday Home Jägerhiesle (ODF150)
USD 823per week
Maierhöfen (MFN100)
Holiday Home Maierhöfen (MFN100)
USD 551per week
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