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Alpes Vaudoises - Holiday Homes and Apartments

The marvellous scenery lining the north bank of Lake Geneva extends to the Jura mountain chain. To the east, are the Vaudois Alps and the famous resort of Villars. In the winter, it offers magnificent skiing and in the summer, this region is ideal for walking.

Holiday Apartment Balmoral
USD 1410per week
Chalet Lorila
Holiday Home Chalet Lorila
USD 940per week
Grenat 35
Holiday Apartment Grenat 35
USD 957per week
Cîmes Blanches
Holiday Apartment Cîmes Blanches
USD 1814per week
Saint Piran
Holiday Home Saint Piran
USD 0per week
Hyacinthe 11
Holiday Apartment Hyacinthe 11
USD 800per week
Les Herbelands
Holiday Apartment Les Herbelands
USD 2345per week
La Puce, Chalet
Holiday Apartment La Puce, Chalet
USD 1223per week
Studio du Bonheur
Holiday Apartment Studio du Bonheur
USD 789per week
Le Mont Blanc 2
Holiday Apartment Le Mont Blanc 2
USD 982per week
Le Bouquetin 1
Holiday Apartment Le Bouquetin 1
USD 727per week
Villars Vacances
Holiday Apartment Villars Vacances
USD 565per week
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