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Stretching from the vast inland sea that is the Bassin d’Arcachon to the foothills of the Pyrenees, Les Landes is a unique blend of pine forests, saltwater lakes and sand dunes, linked by one continuous sandy beach. It is blessed by a climate and sea conditions that encourage every kind of water and holiday sport, including some – like sand-yachting – which few will have tried before. Although the line of the coast may be straight, the variety it encompasses is huge: oyster beds and yachting marinas, fishing villages and bustling purpose-built resorts, place-names and half-timbered houses that seem (and once were) more English than French, the highest sand-dunes in Europe, and where the Côte d’Argent turns – quite literally – into the Côte Basque, some of the Continent’s best surfing. Here you are into the western foothills of the Pyrenees and a short distance from the Spanish border.

Les Hauts de Biarritz
Holiday Apartment Les Hauts de Biarritz
USD 510per week
Lissardy Berri
Holiday Apartment Lissardy Berri
USD 0per week
Holiday Apartment Goizaldea
USD 696per week
Holiday Apartment Xorrotea
USD 494per week
Ederra Untxin
Holiday Apartment Ederra Untxin
USD 688per week
Holiday Apartment Arriak
USD 509per week
Eskil Kanta
Holiday Apartment Eskil Kanta
USD 833per week
Milady Village
Holiday Apartment Milady Village
USD 582per week
Holiday Apartment Victoria
USD 1002per week
Holiday Apartment Paitou
USD 713per week
Clos du Sabaou
Holiday Home Clos du Sabaou
USD 909per week
Clos St Martin
Holiday Apartment Clos St Martin
USD 696per week
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