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Auvergne - Holiday Homes and Apartments

The Auvergne is situated in the heart of the Massif Central. The region offers many different types of countryside: forests, lakes, volcanoes etc. The region has kept is original character due to a protected countryside (2 nature parks, one of which is the Volcans d'Auvergne). Clermond Ferrand is the economic centre of the region which also has mineral water towns and pretty small villages.

O'Petit Bonheur
Holiday Home O'Petit Bonheur
USD 518per week
L'Assemblée (AVP100)
Holiday Home L'Assemblée (AVP100)
USD 492per week
Le Haut d'Ancette (AJA100)
Holiday Home Le Haut d'Ancette (AJA100)
USD 415per week
Maison Les Oies
Holiday Home Maison Les Oies
USD 549per week
Holiday Home Passerat
USD 696per week
Holiday Home ferme
USD 569per week
Le Clos des Sapins
Holiday Home Le Clos des Sapins
USD 371per week
Le Mazel (ACO100)
Holiday Home Le Mazel (ACO100)
USD 607per week
Le Chomeil (ACL100)
Holiday Home Le Chomeil (ACL100)
USD 493per week
Chez Nancy (ABE300)
Holiday Home Chez Nancy (ABE300)
USD 303per week
Varenne (ABL100)
Holiday Home Varenne (ABL100)
USD 395per week
Le Bois de la Reine
Holiday Apartment Le Bois de la Reine
USD 627per week
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