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Barcelona - Holiday Homes and Apartments

The capital of Catalonia, the intersection of Northern and Southern Europe - a city between tradition and hypermodernism

Eix.Dret:Roger de LLuria/Valencia
Holiday Apartment Eix.Dret:Roger de LLuria/Valencia
USD 1530per week
Passeig de Gracia/Diagonal
Holiday Apartment Passeig de Gracia/Diagonal
USD 835per week
Purple House
Holiday Home Purple House
USD 1753per week
Holiday Apartment Cuma
USD 775per week
Holiday Apartment Pina
USD 833per week
Holiday Apartment Pita
USD 875per week
Holiday Apartment RAM
USD 875per week
Holiday Apartment COCO
USD 844per week
Casa Verde
Holiday Home Casa Verde
USD 2166per week
Holiday Apartment Guaya
USD 833per week
Holiday Apartment MEY
USD 775per week
Casa Azul
Holiday Home Casa Azul
USD 1650per week
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