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Burgundy - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Burgundy is one of the regions in France which has much to offer both culturally and historically. Thanks to the temperate climate, three of the best vineyards in the country are situated in this area. While the southwestern part of the area enjoys a mild climate, the rest of the area has a typical mountain climate suitable for winter sports such as cross-country skiing and skiing.

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Les Glycines
Holiday Home Les Glycines
USD 861per week
Les Pierres Dorees
Holiday Home Les Pierres Dorees
USD 0per week
La Maison du Chateau
Holiday Home La Maison du Chateau
USD 880per week
Holiday Home Shangri-la
USD 767per week
Du Lac
Holiday Home Du Lac
USD 407per week
La Jonquiere
Holiday Home La Jonquiere
USD 313per week
Chez Milou
Holiday Home Chez Milou
USD 336per week
L'Ancienne Scierie
Holiday Home L'Ancienne Scierie
USD 388per week
Aux Racines (BFL300)
Holiday Home Aux Racines (BFL300)
USD 308per week
Les Brûles (BTR300)
Holiday Home Les Brûles (BTR300)
USD 358per week
Le Noyer (BNY100)
Holiday Home Le Noyer (BNY100)
USD 450per week
Château Moindrots (BZY100)
Holiday Home Château Moindrots (BZY100)
USD 933per week
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