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Carinthia - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Carinthia is the most southerly province in the country. It is entirely surrounded by mountains and therefore enjoys a quasi-southerly climate. Several small lakes have contributed to the rise of tourism in the summer, while the higher altitude villages are devoted to the development of winter resorts.

Holiday Home Almvilla
USD 1942per week
Chalet Koralpe / Sauna
Holiday Home Chalet Koralpe / Sauna
USD 1022per week
NockNatur - Gipfel
Holiday Apartment NockNatur - Gipfel
USD 1234per week
NockNatur - Tal
Holiday Apartment NockNatur - Tal
USD 854per week
NockBerge - Gipfel
Holiday Apartment NockBerge - Gipfel
USD 1032per week
NockBerge - Tal
Holiday Apartment NockBerge - Tal
USD 652per week
Holiday Home Neunhoeffer
USD 750per week
Holiday Home Kopphütte
USD 758per week
Holiday Home Schönhart
USD 536per week
Holiday Apartment Ogris
USD 445per week
Holiday Apartment Ogris
USD 553per week
Holiday Apartment Ogris
USD 577per week
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