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Cefalonia - Holiday Homes and Apartments

The largest of all the Ionian islands is at the same time also the least well-known and a veritable paradise of nature. As a beach-lover, you can sun yourself on white sands and refresh yourself in azure blue seas. Active guests can quench their thirst for discovery in bizarre caves and isolated grottos. The Greece fan can pass the time in idyllic little harbour towns or relax in a typical mountain village. The icing on the cake is the unique peace and quiet far from mass tourism. Are you inquisitive?

Holiday Home Xenia
USD 0per week
Holiday Home Polyxeni
USD 0per week
Studio Onar
Holiday Apartment Studio Onar
USD 512per week
Maison Onar
Holiday Apartment Maison Onar
USD 512per week
Holiday Home Lefteris
USD 0per week
Holiday Home Salvador
USD 0per week
Holiday Home Meenia
USD 0per week
Al Mar
Holiday Home Al Mar
USD 0per week
Holiday Home Haris
USD 0per week
Holiday Home Ylenia
USD 0per week