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Central Dalmatia - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Central Dalmatia, with the large town of Split and its surrounding area, is the heart of the country. The coastline and its famous beaches are found there, bordered by the steep mountains. Further into the sea is a string of islands. It is the land of the sun, warm sea, olive groves, wine, fish, songs and the small picturesque towns with their stone houses.

Holiday Home Ksenija
USD 884per week
Holiday Apartment Martin
USD 355per week
Sunset Villa Hvar
Holiday Apartment Sunset Villa Hvar
USD 0per week
Holiday Apartment Sofija
USD 297per week
Holiday Apartment Soldo
USD 322per week
Holiday Apartment Rubin
USD 0per week
Holiday Apartment Jela
USD 297per week
Holiday Apartment Katenas
USD 320per week
Villa Anamarija
Holiday Home Villa Anamarija
USD 2401per week
Villa Pina
Holiday Apartment Villa Pina
USD 489per week
Holiday Apartment Tonka
USD 297per week
Villa Pina
Holiday Apartment Villa Pina
USD 374per week
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