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Corsica - Holiday Homes and Apartments

An island full of scent and sun - as varied as an entire continent. Corsica is an island that saw the birth of Napoleon Bonaparte, thus making it a special attraction for holidaymakers. Wild and romantic, the hinterland where Monte Cinto reaches a height of 2707 m, is an invitation to discover the many interesting sites. The roads are winding and narrow, but paved for the most part. Because of the irregular shape of the island, it has created many inlets and small beaches all around to keep holidaymakers happy in the summer. Boats and ferries depart for Corsica from several French and Italian cities. Reservations are necessary for travel during the high season.

Holiday Home Fidiamare
USD 2744per week
Holiday Home Félicité
USD 605per week
Clos des Oliviers
Holiday Apartment Clos des Oliviers
USD 600per week
Via Mare (PVC515)
Holiday Home Via Mare (PVC515)
USD 1470per week
Villa I Tre Fratelli
Holiday Home Villa I Tre Fratelli
USD 3700per week
Casa Nonza
Holiday Home Casa Nonza
USD 924per week
Casa Mia
Holiday Apartment Casa Mia
USD 660per week
Holiday Home Angélique
USD 582per week
A Mandria (GHI120)
Holiday Home A Mandria (GHI120)
USD 600per week
Casa Mia
Holiday Apartment Casa Mia
USD 1032per week
Villa les Orangers
Holiday Home Villa les Orangers
USD 1466per week
Casa Mia
Holiday Apartment Casa Mia
USD 412per week
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