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Crete - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Popping up on the southern edge of the Aegean, the most diverse and largest of the Greek islands: Crete, island of superlatives. From the impressive Lassithi plateau to the mysterious caves of Zeus in the Dikti mountains. Pure culture and a rich past. Grandiose, wild countryside, dreamy bays, pulsing tourist centres very close to primitive villages. Crete - inspiration, creativity and art - where El Greco painted, Kazantzakis wrote and Zorba danced. The island of the proud Cretians fulfils every holiday dream.

Villa Alexander
Holiday Home Villa Alexander
USD 2120per week
Paradiso I
Holiday Home Paradiso I
USD 1272per week
Paradiso IV
Holiday Home Paradiso IV
USD 1272per week
Stalos Villa I
Holiday Home Stalos Villa I
USD 1325per week
Holiday Home Rami
USD 1433per week
Holiday Home Diana
USD 1336per week
Holiday Apartment Sofi
USD 1722per week
Heraklion's Heart
Holiday Apartment Heraklion's Heart
USD 1175per week
Holiday Home Apollo
USD 940per week
Holiday Home Stephanie
USD 2351per week
WeCrete - Family (West)
Holiday Apartment WeCrete - Family (West)
USD 904per week
Holiday Home Nicolas
USD 0per week
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