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Florence and surroundings - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Florence just cannot be explained or contained in a simple introduction. Quite simply it is the most beautiful city in the world. The best view is to climb up to Forte di Belvedere, the fortress of the Medici, and simply enjoy the view. From here you can see the size of Brunelleschi Cathedral and get an overview of the small cobblestone streets and alleys, churches and squares. From here you can also see the church of Santa Croce (which in summer becomes a playground for "calcio in costume", football in costume), Giotto's bell tower (at Easter a dove, the Colombina, flies here to nest, while fireworks and wish of a good harvest), as well as Palazzo Pitti, with the labyrinths of the Boboli Gardens in the background. From here you can also see the routes between the museums: from the Accademia with Michelangelo's David to the Uffizi Gallery. Between the hills around the city lie Fiesole, Settignano and Bellosguardo. During the night in San Giovanni, the city's party conference, rockets are fired from the balconies in San Miniato. The Arno River meanders from its source on Monte Falterona and flows through Mugello, where Florence's aristocrats had their country houses (the impressive villas can still be visited). Then the river goes on to Florence and flows under the bridge Ponte Vecchio towards the sea.

Appartamento Via Spontini
Holiday Apartment Appartamento Via Spontini
USD 747per week
La Fortezza
Holiday Apartment La Fortezza
USD 826per week
Il Crocifisso
Holiday Apartment Il Crocifisso
USD 1339per week
La Torretta
Holiday Apartment La Torretta
USD 1425per week
Belle Arti 2
Holiday Apartment Belle Arti 2
USD 591per week
Le Belle Arti 1
Holiday Apartment Le Belle Arti 1
USD 870per week
Holiday Apartment Luna
USD 420per week
Holiday Apartment Sole
USD 445per week
Holiday Apartment L'Arrampicata
USD 1205per week
Il Forno
Holiday Apartment Il Forno
USD 1320per week
Il Salone
Holiday Apartment Il Salone
USD 903per week
Holiday Apartment L'Oleandro
USD 1320per week
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