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Florence Countryside - Holiday Homes and Apartments

The countryside around Florence stretches north to the Apennines. It is a flourishing region, with broad valleys that reach to the slopes of the mountains. To the south, following the flow of the river Arno, the region extends as far as the borders of the Arezzo district. To the west towards the sea, it reaches important historical centres, such as Pistoia and Montelupo Fiorentino, where, unique ceramic artefacts were created in its ancient furnaces. The area abounds in magnificent Renaissance architecture and Medici villas, surrounded by Italian-style gardens, illustrious monasteries, villages, townships with ancient churches that, together with cypresses, olives and vineyards give the landscape a unique and unsurpassable beauty. The flavour of naivety and culture inherent to the Florence countryside can be perceived everywhere, with it high concentration of artworks and wonderful landscapes that exist nowhere else in Italy. The whole area was given UNESCO status. Deep-rooted traditions that are still alive today can be retraced throughout the region.

Poggio alla Pieve (CLZ152)
Holiday Apartment Poggio alla Pieve (CLZ152)
USD 963per week
Barberino (MEE109)
Holiday Apartment Barberino (MEE109)
USD 301per week
Villa Santa Maria
Holiday Home Villa Santa Maria
USD 2184per week
Holiday Apartment Filicaia
USD 626per week
Holiday Apartment Filicaia
USD 902per week
Il Frantoio
Holiday Home Il Frantoio
USD 2905per week
Tipologia Trilo
Holiday Apartment Tipologia Trilo
USD 1038per week
Tipologia Bilocale
Holiday Apartment Tipologia Bilocale
USD 816per week
Agriturismo di Vinci
Holiday Apartment Agriturismo di Vinci
USD 462per week
La Forra
Holiday Home La Forra
USD 2382per week
Trilo-Piano Terra
Holiday Apartment Trilo-Piano Terra
USD 522per week
Casale Labbia
Holiday Home Casale Labbia
USD 1889per week
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