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Friuli-Venezia Giulia - Holiday Homes and Apartments

The most easterly region in Italy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia is bounded by Austria, Slovenia and the Alps in the east. Lively and well-known bathing resorts, such as Lignano, Grado and Sistina, line the coastline of this region.

Villa del Silenzio
Holiday Home Villa del Silenzio
USD 497per week
Holiday Apartment Ofelia
USD 699per week
Holiday Home Marco
USD 894per week
Villa Annamaria
Holiday Home Villa Annamaria
USD 749per week
Due Torri
Holiday Apartment Due Torri
USD 429per week
Roulette (LIG100)
Holiday Apartment Roulette (LIG100)
USD 277per week
Holiday Apartment Tiepolo
USD 645per week
Holiday Apartment Ofelia
USD 699per week
Porto Antico
Holiday Apartment Porto Antico
USD 835per week
Holiday Apartment Tartana
USD 442per week
Rosanna (LIG391)
Holiday Apartment Rosanna (LIG391)
USD 388per week
Villa Giove
Holiday Home Villa Giove
USD 658per week
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