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Inland Catalonia - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Catalonia is the most northerly region in Spain. The Catalonian mountain chains lie parallel to the coastline. The Pyrenees is not populated due to the wild land-scape, whereas to the south of the mountains is a heavily populated region that is also the economic centre of the province.

Cal Quinti
Holiday Home Cal Quinti
USD 2871per week
Holiday Apartment Olot
USD 515per week
Holiday Home Volca
USD 1142per week
Can Trullas
Holiday Home Can Trullas
USD 981per week
Casa La Maso (OIX110)
Holiday Home Casa La Maso (OIX110)
USD 619per week
Casa El Castell (OIX100)
Holiday Home Casa El Castell (OIX100)
USD 619per week