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Istria - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Istria is the largest peninsula in Croatia. It is also the main tourist area, situated in the extreme west of the country. This peninsula is the only one of its kind stretching from central Europe to the Adriatic. Due to its geographical position, Istra is where different landscapes meet and it is a region, which has been influenced by various civilisations. Istra is characterised by its culture, music and gastronomy and, as a result, this region is also called the “magnificent and magical country”.

Holiday Apartment CASA DI SANJA E BORIS
USD 347per week
SLAVICA (11618)
Holiday Apartment SLAVICA (11618)
USD 638per week
Holiday Apartment HOUSE PEPCA
USD 318per week
Casa Verde
Holiday Apartment Casa Verde
USD 423per week
Histria 1
Holiday Home Histria 1
USD 2251per week
Holiday Home Salamander
USD 1793per week
Zdenka ( 4182 )
Holiday Apartment Zdenka ( 4182 )
USD 1198per week
Camping Park Umag
Holiday Home Camping Park Umag
USD 677per week
Holiday Apartment Nela
USD 355per week
Terra Grigia
Holiday Home Terra Grigia
USD 1176per week
Terra Bianca
Holiday Home Terra Bianca
USD 1396per week
POM 141 ( 9247)
Holiday Apartment POM 141 ( 9247)
USD 301per week
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