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Jura - Holiday Homes and Apartments

The Jura chain forms the border between France and Switzerland. This francophone region is the least populated in Switzerland and is not heavily trodden with tourism. Jura is known for walking and riding in the summer, and cross-country skiing in the winter. It’s even possible to cross the border by skis at certain points.

More information about holidays in Jura

Chemin de la Réselle
Holiday Home Chemin de la Réselle
USD 728per week
Les Fougères
Holiday Apartment Les Fougères
USD 676per week
Holiday Apartment Licorne
USD 337per week
Holiday Apartment Eridan
USD 544per week
Holiday Apartment Centaure
USD 412per week
Holiday Home Hugli
USD 464per week
Le Tilleul
Holiday Apartment Le Tilleul
USD 706per week
Le Ruisseau
Holiday Apartment Le Ruisseau
USD 1011per week
Les Galets
Holiday Apartment Les Galets
USD 836per week
chemin de la Plage
Holiday Apartment chemin de la Plage
USD 997per week
Rue des Moulins
Holiday Apartment Rue des Moulins
USD 541per week
Villa Rue du Pré-Landry 30
Holiday Apartment Villa Rue du Pré-Landry 30
USD 1153per week
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