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Lake Como - Holiday Homes and Apartments

In the "Anteroom of the South" you will encounter a fascinating symbiosis of alpine freshness and Mediterranean mildness.

Holiday Apartment Azalee
USD 817per week
Holiday Apartment Belvedere
USD 547per week
Azalea (GLA103)
Holiday Apartment Azalea (GLA103)
USD 459per week
Milena (CCO195)
Holiday Apartment Milena (CCO195)
USD 411per week
Nirosi (MSO220)
Holiday Apartment Nirosi (MSO220)
USD 411per week
Holiday Apartment Azalee
USD 713per week
Bellavista Monolocale Primo Piano (GRV390)
Holiday Apartment Bellavista Monolocale Primo Piano (GRV390)
USD 340per week
Matteo (GRV305)
Holiday Home Matteo (GRV305)
USD 305per week
Alessandra (DMA230)
Holiday Apartment Alessandra (DMA230)
USD 380per week
Casa Leonardo (SRC124)
Holiday Home Casa Leonardo (SRC124)
USD 514per week
Corte della Carla (LIE200)
Holiday Apartment Corte della Carla (LIE200)
USD 340per week
Savina (DER180)
Holiday Home Savina (DER180)
USD 633per week
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