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Lake Maggiore - Holiday Homes and Apartments

With an area of 212 km² and 372 m in depth, Lake Maggiore is the second -largest lake in northern Italy. The north part of the lake belongs to Switzerland. The eastern banks form part of the Lombardia region and the western banks belong to Piemonte. The exceptionally mild climate is a major contributing factor to the abundant subtropical vegetation found all around the lake.

Federica (CNR370)
Holiday Apartment Federica (CNR370)
USD 258per week
Holiday Home Atelier
USD 264per week
Il Mulo
Holiday Home Il Mulo
USD 478per week
Baita Lavu' (CNR520)
Holiday Home Baita Lavu' (CNR520)
USD 611per week
Holiday Apartment Carl&Do
USD 727per week
Tati (SEA300)
Holiday Home Tati (SEA300)
USD 689per week
Parco Rosa (BDB161)
Holiday Apartment Parco Rosa (BDB161)
USD 299per week
Residence Gobetti (LUI101)
Holiday Apartment Residence Gobetti (LUI101)
USD 377per week
Antico Verbano
Holiday Apartment Antico Verbano
USD 1151per week
Holiday Apartment Pietro
USD 603per week
Valle Vigezzo
Holiday Apartment Valle Vigezzo
USD 289per week
Il Gianlupo
Holiday Home Il Gianlupo
USD 358per week
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