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Lapland is not only the northernmost and largest Finnish landscape - With a population density of less than two inhabitants per square kilometer, Lapland is also the least inhabited landscape in Finland. Here, the only indigenous people in the European Union, the Sami, live. The largest city is Rovaniemi. Lapland has a lot to offer, such as sleigh-riding, snowshoeing or snowmobile-safaris through deep forests to watch the colorful northern lights. A must is also a visit to the Santa Claus in his post office at the Arctic Circle and a visit to the Santa's Elves in Santa Park. In the summer you can experience the midnight sun, where the sun does not set for 70 days. The autumn "Ruska"-time is also a great experience; then the forests of Lapland explode into a sea of colors. Mythical Lapland attracts visitors from all over the world.

Lapland the Land of the Midnight Sun and Polar Night. Pure wilderness and people with an Arctic attitude.

Holiday Home Karetörmä
USD 1153per week
Villa anna
Holiday Home Villa anna
USD 1111per week
Alte levi dali
Holiday Home Alte levi dali
USD 626per week
Alte levi calevi
Holiday Home Alte levi calevi
USD 626per week
Kämmekkä c
Holiday Home Kämmekkä c
USD 570per week
Kämmekkä b
Holiday Home Kämmekkä b
USD 570per week
Aslakit b
Holiday Home Aslakit b
USD 662per week
Aslakit a
Holiday Home Aslakit a
USD 662per week
Holiday Home Nuottiukko
USD 438per week
Kanerva 202
Holiday Home Kanerva 202
USD 405per week
Holiday Home Ahkutieva
USD 740per week
Holiday Home Välilä
USD 635per week
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