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Lazio - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Lazio lies south of Tuscany, with Rome as its regional and national capital, and the modern port of Civitavecchia on the coast. The mountain chain of Latium is separated by the Apennines. In the hinterland, wooded hills descend down to the fertile valleys, where wheat fields give way to olive groves.

Holiday Home Gabriella
USD 940per week
La Quercia
Holiday Home La Quercia
USD 1278per week
Casa Ricardo
Holiday Home Casa Ricardo
USD 638per week
Casa Domenico
Holiday Home Casa Domenico
USD 866per week
Casa Domenico
Holiday Home Casa Domenico
USD 759per week
Sotto il segno dei Pesci
Holiday Apartment Sotto il segno dei Pesci
USD 502per week
Casa delle Rose
Holiday Apartment Casa delle Rose
USD 0per week
La Corallina
Holiday Home La Corallina
USD 513per week
Casa Joy
Holiday Apartment Casa Joy
USD 464per week
Take a break
Holiday Home Take a break
USD 0per week
Casa Mya
Holiday Home Casa Mya
USD 0per week
Paradise Hill
Holiday Apartment Paradise Hill
USD 0per week
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