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Limousin - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Limousin is situated at the far northwestern point of Massif Central. It is the least populated region in the country. The countryside remains relatively un-spoiled, as it is still new territory to tourists. It is abundant in rivers, torrents and lakes, making it a haven for fishing and sporting enthusiasts. Auvergne, east of Limousin, is a region steeped in history, stretching across most of Massif Central. With its extinct volcanoes, mountains reaching 1900 m in altitude, and narrow and wide valleys, Auvergne is one of the most interesting regions in the country, and is sadly often missed by tourists. It is characterised by vast natural reserves, thermal springs and remarkable historical sites.

Holiday Home Vielcroze
USD 0per week
Les Hameaux de Miel (CBY100)
Holiday Home Les Hameaux de Miel (CBY100)
USD 392per week
Les Hameaux de Miel (CBY101)
Holiday Home Les Hameaux de Miel (CBY101)
USD 465per week
Marchives (CUP100)
Holiday Home Marchives (CUP100)
USD 480per week
Freyssignes (CBA200)
Holiday Home Freyssignes (CBA200)
USD 416per week
Holiday Home Chastagnol
USD 0per week
La Châtaigneraie
Holiday Home La Châtaigneraie
USD 0per week
Holiday Home Surdoire
USD 398per week
La Terrade (CUI100)
Holiday Home La Terrade (CUI100)
USD 638per week
La Salesse (CZM200)
Holiday Home La Salesse (CZM200)
USD 477per week
Peuchaud (HVI118)
Holiday Home Peuchaud (HVI118)
USD 754per week
Domaine des Monédières - Chalet Lac 4-6
Holiday Home Domaine des Monédières - Chalet Lac 4-6
USD 444per week
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