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Loire Valley - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Rising in the Massif Central and flowing out to the Atlantic beyond Nantes, the river Loire is known above all for the magnificent châteaux which line its banks and those of its tributaries between Orléans and Angers. The heart of the château country is Tours with surely the greatest concentration of palatial houses anywhere in the world, mostly built on the whim of successive monarchs as country retreats. Set in the restful surroundings of gentle green countryside, with extensive woods and meandering rivers, the history and architecture of many of the châteaux can often best be appreciated after dark in one of the evocative ‘Son et Lumière’ shows and if you feel like a break from this rich cultural diet, the Atlantic beaches of the Vendée are under two hours drive away.

La Mulonnière (OCH200)
Holiday Home La Mulonnière (OCH200)
USD 445per week
La Pilleterie
Holiday Home La Pilleterie
USD 586per week
Holiday Home Luzillé
USD 476per week
La Fleurerie (LCT100)
Holiday Home La Fleurerie (LCT100)
USD 723per week
Le Jardin de Timothee
Holiday Home Le Jardin de Timothee
USD 603per week
Le Pigeonnier (CTU200)
Holiday Home Le Pigeonnier (CTU200)
USD 374per week
Le Verger (MNA100)
Holiday Home Le Verger (MNA100)
USD 688per week
Gite du Chateau (AZY100)
Holiday Home Gite du Chateau (AZY100)
USD 687per week
Le Moulin de la Roche (GEL100)
Holiday Home Le Moulin de la Roche (GEL100)
USD 680per week
Chalay (SQT200)
Holiday Home Chalay (SQT200)
USD 531per week
La Marmittière (CDT100)
Holiday Home La Marmittière (CDT100)
USD 614per week
Tourangelle (CHT300)
Holiday Home Tourangelle (CHT300)
USD 476per week
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