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Lombardy - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Lombardy is one of the largest regions in the country and the most important economic centre. Tourism plays an equally important role in this region. The main centres of interest are Milan, the lakes, and towns that are rich in monuments and art museums.

Vigna (VTN850)
Holiday Home Vigna (VTN850)
USD 483per week
Grigioni (VTN510)
Holiday Home Grigioni (VTN510)
USD 293per week
Mariella (VTN200)
Holiday Apartment Mariella (VTN200)
USD 285per week
Stella Alpina
Holiday Apartment Stella Alpina
USD 284per week
Holiday Apartment Primula
USD 284per week
Ortica Studio Apartment
Holiday Apartment Ortica Studio Apartment
USD 480per week
Residence Paola
Holiday Apartment Residence Paola
USD 870per week
Porta Vittoria
Holiday Apartment Porta Vittoria
USD 1022per week
Casa Fabrizio
Holiday Apartment Casa Fabrizio
USD 955per week
Mountain Home-Families Holidays (BRX767)
Holiday Apartment Mountain Home-Families Holidays (BRX767)
USD 573per week
Residence Paola
Holiday Apartment Residence Paola
USD 729per week
Non Ti Scordar Di Me
Holiday Apartment Non Ti Scordar Di Me
USD 447per week
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