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Lower Austria - Holiday Homes and Apartments

The largest of the 9 provinces in Austria, where the river Danube crosses, Niederosterreich leans on the foothills of the eastern Alps stretching across to the Hungarian plains. It offers vastly varied settings where the high summits give way to deep valleys and wooded hills, which line the banks of the Danube.

Alte Post
Holiday Apartment Alte Post
USD 553per week
Alte Post
Holiday Apartment Alte Post
USD 445per week
Haus Fries
Holiday Home Haus Fries
USD 677per week
Haus Wagram
Holiday Home Haus Wagram
USD 553per week
Holiday Apartment Danube
USD 631per week
Haus Ahlfeld
Holiday Home Haus Ahlfeld
USD 419per week
Holiday Home Feichtinger
USD 612per week
Holiday Apartment Donaublick
USD 619per week
Holiday Home Romy
USD 495per week
Holiday Apartment Vineyard
USD 738per week