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Lucca, Pisa and surroundings - Holiday Homes and Apartments

The main street of Lucca has a curious name: “Il Filungo.” A street of silence and pleasure, the only noises are the voices of people as they walk by and the chiming bells of Romanesque churches. “Il Filungo” is the heart of Lucca, beautiful and tranquil city of the main routes of mass tourism. It connects the marble facade of the Duomo with Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, the city’s unique and elegant “drawing-room.” In an aisle of the Cathedral, the sarcophagus of Ilaria Del Carretto: the moving masterpiece of Jacopo Della Quercia. Lucca's famous walls conceal beautiful palaces. A square tower, Torre Guinigi, rises above the red canopies. Two trees were planted on this medieval building in the hope that the tower would tilt and compete with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. At the end of May, the archers of the city and their opponents from Massa Marittima in Palio della Balestra fill the medieval streets of Lucca. Outside the city walls, between the hills of the Apennines, there are beautiful villas, from Segromigno to Camigliano, from Matraia to Marlia; rural architecture triumphs in Tuscany. Nearby is Collodi, the birthplace of the Pinocchio doll.

Il Vecchio Ospitale
Holiday Home Il Vecchio Ospitale
USD 1173per week
Casolare dei Fiori - Mughetta (MCL251)
Holiday Apartment Casolare dei Fiori - Mughetta (MCL251)
USD 709per week
Il Cipresso
Holiday Home Il Cipresso
USD 949per week
Castagneto (FIO110)
Holiday Home Castagneto (FIO110)
USD 364per week
Bella Vista
Holiday Apartment Bella Vista
USD 400per week
Castagni I (OCT100)
Holiday Home Castagni I (OCT100)
USD 340per week
Castagni (OCT102)
Holiday Home Castagni (OCT102)
USD 767per week
Bataba (VLG100)
Holiday Home Bataba (VLG100)
USD 720per week
Capanna (CNG175)
Holiday Apartment Capanna (CNG175)
USD 380per week
Altana (CNG176)
Holiday Apartment Altana (CNG176)
USD 396per week
Campodori (LUU111)
Holiday Home Campodori (LUU111)
USD 1123per week
Il Prato
Holiday Home Il Prato
USD 2689per week
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