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North Dalmatia - Holiday Homes and Apartments

This is one of the most attractive tourist regions in Croatia, in a central position on the Adriatic coast. Here the coastline is broken up and includes a large number of islands as well as areas of natural beauty such as the Kornates islands, the Telscica nature park and more than 300 islands in the Zadar archipelago. The Kornates islands make up the biggest archipelago in the Mediterranean. It is a “labyrinth” of islands offering peace and quiet and unspoiled countryside. Situated near the town of Zadar are the Paklenica Nature Park and the impressive Velebit mountains, which are the highest in Croatia. The main attraction at the park are the two high gorges which descend down to the sea and have a cliff face measuring 400 m which, due to its beauty and sheer rock face, is one of the most well known climbing challenges for European rock climbers.

Holiday Apartment Zara
USD 441per week
Holiday Apartment Jasminka
USD 478per week
Holiday Apartment Skroče
USD 693per week
Holiday Apartment Ružica
USD 330per week
Holiday Apartment Zara
USD 380per week
Holiday Apartment Nela
USD 347per week
Holiday Home Divas
USD 750per week
Holiday Apartment Lucija
USD 297per week
Holiday Apartment Mirjana
USD 242per week
Holiday Apartment Skroče
USD 693per week
Holiday Apartment Katarina
USD 337per week
Holiday Apartment Mirna
USD 591per week
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