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Peloponese - Holiday Homes and Apartments

The hand with 3 fingers is Greece's most exciting countryside. The Peloponese (Peloponissos) is, from a cultural point of view, one of the most interesting regions. The Corinth canal, the famous Epidaurus amphitheatre, ancient Olympus - traces of ancient Greece are to be seen everywhere. 2 mountain ranges meander through the peninsula, their valleys hide picturesque mountain villages. In the south and west, visitors are presented with beautiful bathing bays with chrystal clear waters and magnificent long sandy beaches. Visitors will find the original Greece in the Peloponese.

Navarino Villas by Xenia Resorts
Holiday Home Navarino Villas by Xenia Resorts
USD 652per week
Villa Emerald
Holiday Home Villa Emerald
USD 3465per week
Villa Diamond
Holiday Home Villa Diamond
USD 4042per week
Villa Apolonas
Holiday Home Villa Apolonas
USD 2310per week
Villa Gold
Holiday Home Villa Gold
USD 3465per week
Porto Heli Maisonette
Holiday Home Porto Heli Maisonette
USD 1222per week
White Villas Pool Villa
Holiday Home White Villas Pool Villa
USD 1460per week
Villa Melissi I
Holiday Home Villa Melissi I
USD 2475per week
White Villas Garden Villa
Holiday Home White Villas Garden Villa
USD 1460per week
Superior Suite with Fireplace
Holiday Apartment Superior Suite with Fireplace
USD 1625per week
Superior Apartment
Holiday Apartment Superior Apartment
USD 1972per week
Superior Loft
Holiday Apartment Superior Loft
USD 1510per week
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