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Poitou-Charentes - Holiday Homes and Apartments

The Poitou-Charentes region is situated between the Atlantic and Limousin, south of Pays de la Loire. The coastline is speckled with islands, reputed bathing resorts and beautiful beaches. The famous vineyards of Cognac are also worth visiting.

La Petite Marguerite
Holiday Home La Petite Marguerite
USD 866per week
Holiday Home Sakura
USD 1232per week
Les Trois Canards
Holiday Home Les Trois Canards
USD 1356per week
La Grangette
Holiday Home La Grangette
USD 698per week
Moulin De Moix
Holiday Home Moulin De Moix
USD 759per week
La Maison Monceny
Holiday Home La Maison Monceny
USD 581per week
Holiday Home LA VIOLETTE
USD 876per week
La Closerie des Tremieres
Holiday Apartment La Closerie des Tremieres
USD 786per week
Jeanne d'Arc
Holiday Home Jeanne d'Arc
USD 1415per week
Les Trois Mousquetaires
Holiday Apartment Les Trois Mousquetaires
USD 349per week
Les Jardins de l'Océan
Holiday Home Les Jardins de l'Océan
USD 483per week
Les Balcons de l'Atlantique
Holiday Apartment Les Balcons de l'Atlantique
USD 400per week
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