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Sardinia - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Magnificent sandy beaches and varied landscape make Sardinia an appreciated and well-known holiday destination. In the interior of the island, the inhabitants devote themselves to the culture of vineyards, olives, artichokes and almonds.

Holiday Home VILLA LO SQUALO 1
USD 0per week
Sa Fiorida D
Holiday Home Sa Fiorida D
USD 817per week
Sa Fiorida - Tipo A
Holiday Home Sa Fiorida - Tipo A
USD 405per week
Cala Rossa
Holiday Apartment Cala Rossa
USD 297per week
Solevacanze K mono
Holiday Apartment Solevacanze K mono
USD 0per week
Villaggio Baia Caddinas (GOA133)
Holiday Apartment Villaggio Baia Caddinas (GOA133)
USD 884per week
Holiday Apartment Carla
USD 420per week
Alloggio B
Holiday Apartment Alloggio B
USD 247per week
Alloggio C
Holiday Apartment Alloggio C
USD 652per week
Holiday Apartment Sole
USD 649per week
Holiday Apartment Sole
USD 198per week
Casa Casu
Holiday Apartment Casa Casu
USD 478per week
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