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Sardinia - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Magnificent sandy beaches and varied landscape make Sardinia an appreciated and well-known holiday destination. In the interior of the island, the inhabitants devote themselves to the culture of vineyards, olives, artichokes and almonds.

Sa Fiorida D
Holiday Home Sa Fiorida D
USD 817per week
Sa Fiorida - Tipo A
Holiday Home Sa Fiorida - Tipo A
USD 405per week
Cala Rossa
Holiday Apartment Cala Rossa
USD 297per week
Solevacanze K mono
Holiday Apartment Solevacanze K mono
USD 322per week
Holiday Apartment Carla
USD 0per week
Alloggio B
Holiday Apartment Alloggio B
USD 247per week
Alloggio C
Holiday Apartment Alloggio C
USD 652per week
Holiday Apartment Sole
USD 190per week
Holiday Apartment Sole
USD 190per week
Casa Casu
Holiday Apartment Casa Casu
USD 478per week
Casa dei Pescatori
Holiday Home Casa dei Pescatori
USD 725per week
Sa Fiorida B
Holiday Home Sa Fiorida B
USD 503per week
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