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Saxony - Holiday Homes and Apartments

In the south, the province of Sax shares the border with the Czech Republic. For centuries, the ridges of the Erz massif have marked the historical border between Sax and Bohemia. Sax is also a holiday region popular throughout the year. Southeast of the Erz massif is the Swiss Saxon and to the east, the Polish border. Numerous lookout towers offer wide views of the border mountains between Saxony and Bohemia and the Vogtland region to the west.

Holiday Apartment Wurschen
USD 513per week
Holiday Home Zerna
USD 389per week
Holiday Home Tanneck
USD 1460per week
Holiday Apartment Kamelienweg
USD 425per week
Gut Kamitz
Holiday Home Gut Kamitz
USD 746per week
Rittergut Heyda
Holiday Home Rittergut Heyda
USD 771per week
Rittergut Heyda
Holiday Home Rittergut Heyda
USD 784per week
Am Burgberg (EIB100)
Holiday Apartment Am Burgberg (EIB100)
USD 301per week
Villa Eulenglück (OYN100)
Holiday Home Villa Eulenglück (OYN100)
USD 873per week
Böttgerstraße (MEI100)
Holiday Apartment Böttgerstraße (MEI100)
USD 612per week
Erlbacher (ERB 100)
Holiday Home Erlbacher (ERB 100)
USD 324per week
Ferienresort Lagovida (SLS102)
Holiday Home Ferienresort Lagovida (SLS102)
USD 556per week
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