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Ticino - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Canton Ticino is situated south of the Alpine chain where Italian is spoken. Because of its southerly position, Holidaymakers can enjoy a pleasant and mild climate from the beginning of Spring right up to the end of Autumn. It is not without reason that Ticino has been named the ”sunny balcony of Switzerland”! The abundant vegetation mixed with the deep blue lake waters give a setting of sparkling colours. Towns known worldwide such as Locarno, Lugano and Ascona offer everything the holidaymaker could ever wish for, such as sports activities, attractions and culture.

More information about Holidays in Tessin

Holiday Apartment Cantagallo
USD 634per week
Holiday Home Roccolo
USD 0per week
Lago di Lugano
Holiday Apartment Lago di Lugano
USD 0per week
Bella Vista
Holiday Home Bella Vista
USD 1493per week
Al Puntil
Holiday Apartment Al Puntil
USD 830per week
Casa Fornett
Holiday Home Casa Fornett
USD 1023per week
Castagnola (Utoring)
Holiday Apartment Castagnola (Utoring)
USD 627per week
Castagnola (Utoring)
Holiday Apartment Castagnola (Utoring)
USD 562per week
Holiday Home Lisca
USD 992per week
Casa Clelia
Holiday Home Casa Clelia
USD 0per week
Holiday Apartment Gemma
USD 776per week
Holiday Apartment Gemma
USD 808per week
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