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Tuscany Chianti - Holiday Homes and Apartments

This vast area takes in the whole of central Tuscany, extending from the Florentine hills to the hills of Pisa and Arezzo, and is involved in the production of the Italian wine par excellence, Chianti. The region encompasses a series of different, and frequently clashing, histories, which in the past brought about many struggles for power and several interminable wars, but which have nevertheless brought into being a recognisable region and culture. The rivalry of the various noble families, who became patrons of the foremost artists of their times, trying to surpass each other even in cultural power, has left a legacy of beauty. The towns, castles and churches of the region have been marked by the history of the powerful cities which have dominated them for centuries. Moving symbols of architecture are juxtaposed, scattered amongst hills intersecting in a succession of distinct colours and impressions.

Borgo di Gaiole
Holiday Apartment Borgo di Gaiole
USD 283per week
Borgo di Gaiole
Holiday Apartment Borgo di Gaiole
USD 382per week
Borgo di Gaiole
Holiday Apartment Borgo di Gaiole
USD 339per week
Holiday Home Meletta
USD 1976per week
Poggio al Sole
Holiday Apartment Poggio al Sole
USD 2260per week
Le Sodole (SGI460)
Holiday Apartment Le Sodole (SGI460)
USD 425per week
Chiantishire retreat
Holiday Apartment Chiantishire retreat
USD 502per week
Holiday Home Tribolina
USD 420per week
Il Fienile
Holiday Home Il Fienile
USD 0per week
Holiday Apartment Tegola
USD 610per week
Rampa di Fugnano Az. Agr. (SGI180)
Holiday Home Rampa di Fugnano Az. Agr. (SGI180)
USD 1522per week
Holiday Apartment Vignaiolo
USD 254per week
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