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Valais - Holiday Homes and Apartments

The canton of Valais extends from the Furka Pass in the east to Lake Geneva in the west. The valley is surrounded by majestic ice peaks. The upper part, Goms, is a vast valley with little tourism but with wonderful hiking- and cross-country skiing opportunities. In the middle, the valley spreads into several sidewalleys, where world-renowned summer and winter resorts such as Zermatt, Saas Fee and Leukerbad are located. The lowest (French-speaking) part is characterized by a green valley with a lot of wine and fruit growing as well as famous summer and winter sports centers on the sunny mountainterraces.

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Holiday Apartment Bellevue
USD 0per week
Chalet n°10
Holiday Home Chalet n°10
USD 967per week
Holiday Apartment Derby
USD 392per week
Antigua (SGF5050)
Holiday Apartment Antigua (SGF5050)
USD 928per week
Antigua (SGF5050)
Holiday Apartment Antigua (SGF5050)
USD 852per week
Holiday Apartment Mirador
USD 534per week
Ambassador B22
Holiday Apartment Ambassador B22
USD 1309per week
Sunshine (050E01)
Holiday Apartment Sunshine (050E01)
USD 2399per week
Eaux Vives 201
Holiday Apartment Eaux Vives 201
USD 893per week
Châtillon C 20
Holiday Apartment Châtillon C 20
USD 540per week
Allegra (071B01)
Holiday Apartment Allegra (071B01)
USD 1274per week
Atlas (SGF1700)
Holiday Apartment Atlas (SGF1700)
USD 1241per week
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