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Holiday in a farmhouse - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Relax in a farmer-furnished holiday home in . Farmhouses for recreation with a special rural and rustic flair.

Petriolo Escape
Holiday Home Petriolo Escape
USD 0per week
Ennebach (NIT115)
Holiday Home Ennebach (NIT115)
USD 583per week
Pitzwald (SOE428)
Holiday Home Pitzwald (SOE428)
USD 0per week
Holiday Home Carametto
USD 612per week
Bauernhof Vorderroid (MON400)
Holiday Apartment Bauernhof Vorderroid (MON400)
USD 0per week
Waldfrieden (MON260)
Holiday Apartment Waldfrieden (MON260)
USD 0per week
Lehner im Wald (RZM100)
Holiday Home Lehner im Wald (RZM100)
USD 707per week
Maison Rouge (AMA202)
Holiday Home Maison Rouge (AMA202)
USD 1159per week
Podere Sant'Anna, Girasole
Holiday Apartment Podere Sant'Anna, Girasole
USD 825per week
Holiday Apartment Dieboldshof
USD 696per week
Holiday Apartment Dieboldshof
USD 445per week
Il Venturino
Holiday Apartment Il Venturino
USD 0per week
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