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Portugal Holiday in a farmhouse - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Relax in a farmer-furnished holiday home in Portugal. Farmhouses for recreation with a special rural and rustic flair.

Do Moinho (PDE110)
Holiday Home Do Moinho (PDE110)
USD 450per week
Da Ana Nobrinha (SUT100)
Holiday Home Da Ana Nobrinha (SUT100)
USD 404per week
Da Boa Fonte (PDE100)
Holiday Home Da Boa Fonte (PDE100)
USD 885per week
Cantinho Da Aldeia
Holiday Home Cantinho Da Aldeia
USD 0per week
Do Forno (SBN155)
Holiday Home Do Forno (SBN155)
USD 389per week
Holiday Home
USD 0per week
Cabana (SBN154)
Holiday Home Cabana (SBN154)
USD 511per week
Gabriel (SBD151)
Holiday Home Gabriel (SBD151)
USD 816per week
Cristina (SBD150)
Holiday Home Cristina (SBD150)
USD 588per week
Francisco (SBD152)
Holiday Home Francisco (SBD152)
USD 816per week
Galinheiro (SBN152)
Holiday Home Galinheiro (SBN152)
USD 511per week
Vivenda Castanheira
Holiday Home Vivenda Castanheira
USD 916per week