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group travel - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Plan your weekend trip with the whole family. Book a group accommodation or group houses as well as accommodation from 10 persons. A group trip is a special way to spend a holiday. It offers more time for family and friends. Here you will find over 3169 comfortable accommodation. for club trips or school trips with enough space for all traveler.

Daheim (PZT385)
Holiday Home Daheim (PZT385)
USD 3542per week
Jitka (MIR100)
Holiday Home Jitka (MIR100)
USD 601per week
Villa Lavinia
Holiday Home Villa Lavinia
USD 0per week
Villa delle Stelle (SVC250)
Holiday Home Villa delle Stelle (SVC250)
USD 5636per week
Ennebach (NIT115)
Holiday Home Ennebach (NIT115)
USD 583per week
Olympia (KPL415)
Holiday Apartment Olympia (KPL415)
USD 0per week
Iida 24
Holiday Home Iida 24
USD 2008per week
Holiday Home Caen
USD 2672per week
Pitzwald (SOE428)
Holiday Home Pitzwald (SOE428)
USD 0per week
Holiday Home Mirta
USD 0per week
Holiday Home Mirko
USD 1280per week
Ixian Vista
Holiday Home Ixian Vista
USD 4379per week
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