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Switzerland group travel - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Plan your weekend trip with the whole family in Switzerland. Book a group accommodation & group houses as well as accommodation from 10 persons. A group trip is a special way to spend a holiday. It offers more time for family and friends. Here you will find over 117 comfortable accommodation in Switzerland. for club trips or school trips with enough space for all traveler.

Chalet Petit Pont
Holiday Home Chalet Petit Pont
USD 3448per week
Chalet Petit Roc
Holiday Home Chalet Petit Roc
USD 3248per week
Sunset B
Holiday Apartment Sunset B
USD 3644per week
Saint Piran
Holiday Home Saint Piran
USD 2986per week
Riant Soleil
Holiday Home Riant Soleil
USD 3020per week
Holiday Home Dörfli
USD 2170per week
Holiday Home Arpille
USD 2126per week
Holiday Home Schumi
USD 2363per week
Holiday Home Saint-Joseph
USD 2326per week
Le Ciel Etoilé
Holiday Home Le Ciel Etoilé
USD 3116per week
Holiday Home Philoxénia
USD 1806per week
Holiday Home Arche
USD 2005per week
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