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Provence group travel - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Plan your weekend trip with the whole family in Provence. Book a group accommodation & group houses as well as accommodation from 10 persons. A group trip is a special way to spend a holiday. It offers more time for family and friends. Here you will find over 16 comfortable accommodation in Provence. for club trips or school trips with enough space for all traveler.

Mas des Lavandes (LOG195)
Holiday Home Mas des Lavandes (LOG195)
USD 2582per week
Cros de Gourdin
Holiday Home Cros de Gourdin
USD 3100per week
Hameaux de la Calade (FEN171)
Holiday Home Hameaux de la Calade (FEN171)
USD 853per week
La Villebague
Holiday Home La Villebague
USD 0per week
La Princesse (FOQ340)
Holiday Home La Princesse (FOQ340)
USD 1601per week
Bastide des Claux (FEN178)
Holiday Home Bastide des Claux (FEN178)
USD 494per week
de la Roque
Holiday Home de la Roque
USD 1916per week
La Machotte (VSN160)
Holiday Home La Machotte (VSN160)
USD 2216per week
Les Cairnes
Holiday Home Les Cairnes
USD 1463per week
Le Collet des Redons (LOG170)
Holiday Home Le Collet des Redons (LOG170)
USD 2051per week
Les Espouveries (AUP100)
Holiday Home Les Espouveries (AUP100)
USD 3228per week
Les Combettes
Holiday Home Les Combettes
USD 1899per week
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