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Provence - Holiday Homes and Apartments

Nowhere else in this country of contrasts can you find a greater diversity of landscape than in Provence, in the virtual triangle of the Alps, Mediterranean and Rhone Valley; from the mountain slopes of Haute Provence to the fenland of the Camargue, its essence captured on canvas by Cezanne and Van Gogh. The Greeks introduced the ubiquitous vine, the Romans, fruit trees - and an advanced infrastructure of villa, forum, amphitheatre and aqueduct, as visitors to Nîmes, Arles and the Pont du Gard can vouch. In more recent times cities such as Avignon with its Pope’s palace and Aix en Provence with its fountains and leafy boulevards have become the great cultural centres of the area, whilst the bustling port city of Marseille is the commercial capital. They enjoy a hinterland of sunbaked mountain scenery, interspaced with vineyards and fields of lavender, notably in the much prized Lubéron, contrasting with the great marsh delta of the Camargue, at the mouth of the Rhone, with its dashing white horses and black fighting bulls.To the east are the départements of Var and Alpes d’Haute Provence, whose ‘arrière-pays’ is an escapist wilderness of rock and wooded hills. The Côte d’Azur offers an ideal holiday combination, of beautiful, empty hinterland and busy, sophisticated resorts, such as Nice, Antibes, Cannes, St. Raphaël and St. Tropez, with their boutiques, casinos, tree-lined promenades and colourful yacht harbours. A landscape full of excrescences with an eventful history and a light that fascinated artists of all centuries.

Jalès (LOG210)
Holiday Home Jalès (LOG210)
USD 0per week
Le Paouvadon (LMO140)
Holiday Home Le Paouvadon (LMO140)
USD 996per week
Les Garrigues d.l. Vallée d.B. (MSL172)
Holiday Apartment Les Garrigues d.l. Vallée d.B. (MSL172)
USD 760per week
Mas Madelon
Holiday Home Mas Madelon
USD 1119per week
Holiday Home Chando
USD 0per week
Les Mazets du Ventoux (MLC202)
Holiday Home Les Mazets du Ventoux (MLC202)
USD 0per week
Les Mazets du Vetoux (MLC201)
Holiday Home Les Mazets du Vetoux (MLC201)
USD 0per week
Lumière (VSB100)
Holiday Home Lumière (VSB100)
USD 1332per week
Les Hauts de Jallia (NYS130)
Holiday Home Les Hauts de Jallia (NYS130)
USD 858per week
Chaud'abri (NYS170)
Holiday Home Chaud'abri (NYS170)
USD 464per week
La Terrasse des Vignes (NYS180)
Holiday Apartment La Terrasse des Vignes (NYS180)
USD 500per week
Les Chênes (NYS140)
Holiday Home Les Chênes (NYS140)
USD 0per week
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